Experience the best of nature and science

Probiotic homecare products offer a multitude of health benefits that extend beyond just surface-level cleanliness.

With patented probiotic technology and natural ingredients only, our products actively contribute to a healthier indoor environment promoting microbial balance.

By creating more natural living spaces, we redefine cleaning standards and create safer, healthier, and more sustainable environments globally.

You’re in good hands

Why probiotics

Probiotics are vital microorganisms naturally found in the human body and the environment. Scientific research confirms the benefits of probiotic bacteria, including support for gut health, immune function aid, improved digestion, enhanced skin health, allergy management, and more.

In contrast to conventional cleaners, which kill all bacteria, our probiotic homecare products function differently:

Having left no space for harmful bacteria to grow, the live probiotic bacteria ensure your home is as safe as it is clean.

About us

Probiosanus was founded in 2011 by a collective of scientists with the goal to create health and environment conscious homecare solutions. With patented live probiotic bacteria technology, the aim to introduce a safer and more natural living space through homecare products was underway.


First homecare line called PROBIOTIC, launched under a patented probiotic technology.


Second generation of natural homecare products - PROBIOTIC ESSENCE.


Third generation of probiotic homecare, created specifically for sensitive skin - PROBIOTIC PURE.


Introduction of PROBIOTIC CRAFT - natural, premium ingredients and elegance in health-benefiting homecare.

Created with doctors

Most studies show that we spend up to 65-70% of our time in our homes.

It’s critical that we live in a safe and health-friendly environment as the microbiome in our homes can affect our mental, respiratory and digestive systems’ health in various ways.

Probiotic homecare products make sure your home is clean and safe simultaneously contributing to a healthier planet with its’ biodegradable formula.

"Probiotic Craft are one of safest and most health-friendly cleaners out in the market today. It is a privilege and an honour to have had the chance to be involved in the creation of these wonderful cleaners."

Lead doctor and advisor

Indrė Plėštytė - Būtienė, PhD, Doctor Pediatrician and Medical clinic owner

Experience the best of nature and science
with natural homecare products


Clean home. Healthy body.


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